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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

2012 Fanfic Survey

No 2011 version because I wrote next to nothing that whole year.
2010 version here.
2009 version here.
2008 version here.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
I didn't really have a prediction for this year, but I'd say...a lot more in the first half, a lot less in the second half, so it evens out.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in 2011?
Skyfall, 007/Q. Oh, Ben!

What's your favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?
It would have to be….Ikol! For the sheer intensity of the writing process, and getting feedback from a lot of people.

Did you take any writing risks this year?
I finished two fairly long stories with iris242x. In Chinese, no less.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?
Yes! I want to finish Blood and Fire with iris242x. I also want to do something substantial about Q for Skyfall. And I AM going to write Lady Loki, dammit!

Most Fun:
Nothing Like You. Short but sweet, really.

Most Disappointing:
Didn’t finish writing The Darkness in Light. Also: Didn’t get to write anything American Gods related. And I didn’t write some of the Norsekink meme prompts that I wanted to.

Sexiest Story:
I don’t think this has been a year for sexy stories. Uh…I guess Mistletoe wins by default, almost?

Sexiest Moment:
“You are the golden, golden, golden prince.” –Ikol

Story Most Under-appreciated by the Universe:
“My Father’s Eyes”, because it’s a love song to Loki. But nah, I felt pretty appreciated the whole year.

The Most Frightening Thing:
I wrote…really long fics…. This…does….not…compute….

Hardest to Write:
Blood and Fire, because of the scale of it. Hence it being still unfinished, almost half a year since its inception. But we are going to finish it!

Most Unintentionally Telling:
All the telling was intentional.