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tower of light

April 2017

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Person of Interest

Soooo, Person of Interest.

For me, it probably should be renamed "The John Reese Show."

Ha. Kidding. All the four main characters are interesting, even though the plots sometimes run kinda thin (and Reese's physical body seems something close to indestructible). From what I've seen so far, I really like Carter. I appreciate having a character like her on a hit TV show—female, minority, single mother with a good relationship with her kid, mentally and physically strong but not overbearing, possessing both integrity and kindness. And the Reese+Finch relationship is certainly intriguing.

But I just don't see Reese/Finch (the OBVIOUS slash ship of choice), or Reese/Carter. Or Reese/Fusco. The only ship I can remotely see at this point is Reese/Morgan, because she (1) is a strong and interesting character on her own and (2) isn't rendered plain by simply standing next to him. Alas, Zoe Morgan doesn't get all that much screen time.

And Ingram/Finch. Ah, the many-adorned splendor of tragedy that is Ingram.

I knew I was reaching that point of grasping for straws when, as I was watching S1E14, I found myself wishing that Darren would just grow up already and come back to woo Reese in a big way. Except, you know, there's like a 25-year old age gap between the two. That's even more 00Q than 00Q.

All my shipping problems would be solved if I can find it in my heart to slash Finch. But as of this moment, I...I can't slash Finch.


You've started watching POI? Splendid. I can't ship Reese/Finch, either, for the same reason: I can't ship Finch with anybody (well, other than Grace). Probably because 1) Finch's injuries, and 2) Michael Emerson is too adorable in real life and is too cute with his wife.

Reese is pretty much slashable with everybody else - though I really, really can't get into Reese/Fusco. But yes, on a purely theoretical level, it could happen. Reese/Morgan is a popular side ship, I believe. I didn't think much about her at first but apparent she was well-received enough that...well, I'll let you watch it yourself.
Yeah I've been going through it at the rate of 6 episodes a day. Oh Reese.

I don't see Finch's injuries as being a major problem. And actually him and Grace is kinda boring to me (maybe I haven't gottten to the Grace episodes yet). I think Finch just doesn't touch my nerves for romance.

And Fusco. I'm gonna be honest here. If Fusco looked anything pretty, I would be all over that ship. All over.

Edited at 2012-12-28 03:33 am (UTC)
Lol. Oh, Fusco. I like him immensely as a character - What's not too like? He eats all the time and even gets shot on the ass! I am constantly worried about his fate because if ever the day comes when POI needs to kill a regular for ratings... *prays*

Re. Carter: First I didn't have an opinion one way or the other. Then I started disliking her when the Tumblr kids began warring with each other over her. Now that I've left that circus I have mellowed out and started liking her. I agree that hers is somewhat of a rarity amongst television characters (female minority, etc.) so I do hope that the writers don't cock it up.
See, this is why I don't do Tumblr. :P