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tower of light

April 2017

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st - gaila, playful

ST and social calls

Met up with cipher0099 and watched STID in IMAX for the 3rd time. I still cry at (1) when Sulu tells Spock they aren't gonna abandon ship and (2) The Hand Scene. Man, that IMAX theater next to Lincoln Center is awe~~~~~some, even if a bit more pricy than the rest.

After the movie we went to eat at Totto Ramen in Hell's Kitchen. At 4PM, there was none of the infamous one-hour queue to get in, which suited us very well. The base soup for the ramen was TRULY AMAZING. I almost drank it all. You have to try it some time when it's not dining rush hour, dissociate! (I also recommended Minca to her, haha.)

stellary is coming to visit soon, and I will see if we can get 4 fangirls to watch it again. After that, Superman hits the screens, which I suspect iris242x will be very happy about.

Last but not least, I was lamenting about the icy reception Jekyll and Hyde on Broadway got to cipher0099, so she suggested that we go see Kinky Boots instead. I googled it and viola, it totally looks like my thing! Now I am excited! :) (PS to dissociate: It might be your thing, too.)


How does a STID viewing on Friday the 7th sound to you?

I had Minca's spicy ramen the last time I went, that was good, too. The soup at Totto reminded me of toroniku, but not quite as fatty and went down easy.

As for Kinky Boots, it looks like we all wanna see it. There is rush ticket ($37) available, but you can only get 2 per person. So there is is gonna be some logistics involved. We shall see....
Excited! I hope I get to try the Ramen (haven't had any in a long time). I am completely ignorant when it comes to Broadway but a friend rec'd Peter and The Star Catcher to me, and another one mentioned that Alan Cumming's Macbeth is still running. But I'm up for Kinky Boots too, provided the price is affordable ^^"
There are several good ramen places in Manhattan. One of them doesn't even have long waiting queues! I'll be sure to show you when you come by. :)

Alan Cumming's Macbeth, yes, Cipher mentioned that to me, too. It sounds totally cool, though one probably should (re-)read Macbeth before watching it. Anyway if you are interested in that I'll do some digging around, too. Kinky Boots is only $37 if you do rush tickets (see above reply).
Macbeth is a bit daunting as I haven't read the play. But I don't have a problem with watching it if that's what you all want to do. (Are you interested in Peter and The Star Catcher? How do I find out how much a rush ticket for a show is?)

I'm also definitely going to visit the Signature Theatre because Edward Norton ^//^