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tower of light

April 2017

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TV roundup and whatnots

Burn Notice is back on Hulu. Somehow I am glad that Michael & Fi broke up (even though I like Fi a lot) because now there is more room for...Michael/Jesse! I kinda like Jesse more than Michael at this point though. That could be a problem, hmph.

Game of Thrones's S3 ended. (Ouch Theon. Ouch.) I had a great time reading both newbies & expert review discussions on AVClub. S4 is so far away...speaking of which, so is Archer's next season. Damn.

Elementary also ended. Drats. Was really glad to see Natalie Dormer though.

The 8th and last season of Dexter is coming soon—the end of this month. I guess I fell out of love with this show when it became less "psycho killer killing serial killers" and more "psycho killer having family problems and trying to be a good family man". Still, I'll be sad to see it go.

No idea when is Sherlock's 3rd series coming out.

Also tried to watch the Japanese detective show Doubles. Cool lead actors. Cool M/M and F/F ship. Cool setting (Shinjuku!). Buuuut the plots are just...kinda thin. Oh well. =_=

I am finally taking a page from my mom and have embarked on a great mission to Throw Things Out. So far the count is at five pairs of shoes, 2 handbags, and 3 bags of clothes. It actually feels pretty good. Me mum would be so proud.

Also...man I really have to mail the passport thingy in if I want to go on that trip at the end of July. >_> Still have no idea what I am doing though.


I was enjoying Elementary. Didn't think I would but it was good.

I gave up with Dexter at about season 3... Always wondered whether I should bother checking the rest out.

I think, note the think, Sherlock is due at the end of October.