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tower of light

April 2017

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eyes, magna carta, onesama, fss - alecto



Bruce Willis的Frank:仍然无感。



Helen Mirren的Victoria:女王归来!女王陛下万岁!

Anthony Hopkins的博士:没啥特殊感觉。不吃肉的萌版汉尼拔你好?

Catherine Zeta Jones的Katja:5555555姐姐你怎么黑了……不过死的那时候真的还是好美。

李炳憲演的“世界第一雇佣杀手”韩秋白:爆萌!爆帅!身材爆好!虽然各种碉堡的设定但是我和同去的Cipher都看得超级开心,心心念念要给他找个小攻。他穿浴衣那里小腿一露我就被击中了,后来再半裸我就彻底投降了。用Cipher的话说就是,“脱了有肌肉,穿着显腰瘦!!!” AO3上目前居然还没有RED2的文,更别说他主角的,真是好失望5555…… (我另外还打算为了李炳憲去补《Iris》的第一季.....orz)


这篇日记的中心思想则是:韩秋白需要一个好小攻! 我和Cipher讨论了很是一阵,结论是他需要一个脸皮N厚又懂各种情趣的BF,哪怕拉郎的都成。(也只有拉郎了因为原电影里面完全没有可以配他的人……)然而想去想来我们熟悉的人里面符合这一点的只有……Tony Stark。这真是各种不能够啊……



Damn that Deathweaver. He always turned up at the wrong places.

Orbaz Bloodbane was skeptical when Thassarian plucked that bloody elf out of oblivion and into the service of the Lich King. He was downright offended when Thassarian insisted on having Deathweaver serve by their side. Bloodbane did not like elves, and passionately so--to him they were haughty and fickle creatures, alive or undead.

Koltira Deathweave hadn't given him cause to temper the vitriol. The elf spoke very little and walked around the place like he was sent by the Lich King to inspect it. That kind of attitude ended to get a new death knight killed or at least dismembered with startling rapidity, but there was the matter of Thassarian.

Ah yes. Thassarian was weak where Koltira was concerned, that was the bitter and certain truth. Not so much that he hit any softer, or that his aims were given to stray. But Thassarian grew an unnecessary edge around Koltira, and that made him reckless.

In other words, Bloodbane wanted his old partner back.
Thassarian was wearing very light armor, and his chest was covered only by wounds. The necromancers had done a particularly fine stitch job on him. In the absence of bandage, and Bloodbane could see where the blade went in and swirled back out in a curve. It had just missed the heart. The trolls always had terrible aims. Nevertheless the wound was still quite something to look at--a dark sigil of blood, a brand of fire and ruin.

And Deathweaver was kissing just below it.

Bloodbane was not shocked so much as disgusted and mortally offended. As if it wasn't bad enough that Thassarian was consorting with a bloody elf, he was getting fucked by one, too.
"That was a sharp blade," Koltira was saying. "It must had hurt."

Thassarian grunted, though not out of displeasure.

"No more than when I killed you."

"I imagine not," Koltira agreed smoothly. The blue runes on his torso--the evidence of his death-ritual--glimmered like a secret in the wane light. One of his hands went between Thassarian's thighs and there was another grunt, accompanied by the smallest intake of breath. Koltira then used the other hand to hold Thassarian's shoulder, as if to steady the human's weakened frame.

"If you keep on getting cut up like this, they'll make you into an abomination some day."